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Come Out & Play 2011 Award Winners

2 Aug

Thanks to all the designers who took part in Come Out & Play this year. It was an amazing collection of games across the spectrum of public play.

Every year, we announce a set of awards for games that were exceptional in some way. We have jurors play each of the games at the festival and then gather them to discuss their experiences. It’s always a very hard decision, but this year our jurors felt there were some strong standouts.

Here are the award winning games for Come Out & Play 2011 Field Day:

Best Family Game: Beat the Heat by Adam Nelson (Obscure Games)

This was the game our player jurors felt offered the best chance for kids and adults to play together. About Beat the Heat.

Deepest Gameplay: Killer Queen by Joshua DeBonis and Nikita Mikros

This is the game our jurors felt had the most possibility for complex strategy and multiple styles of play. Read more about Killer Queen.

Best New Sport: Hunter-Gatherer by Charles Amis

This game exemplified a combination of replayability, strategic play and the physical skills. Read more about Hunter-Gatherer.

Best in Fest: Killer Queen by Joshua DeBonis and Nikita Mikros

Our jurors felt this game was the most representative game of the year’s festival, its themes and location on top of being a really fun, kickass game.

Congratulations to all of these designers, and to all the great games that made Come Out & Play possible this year!