COaP + Eyebeam :: February Playtest Session

  • Date:19 Feb 2011
  • Location: Eyebeam Art & Technology Center
  • Address: 540 W 21st St. , New York, NY
  • Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • At Come Out & Play + Eyebeam’s February we playtested four great games in various states of development. We had games from newcomers like Brandin Steffensen, a dancer who brought his movement game Pentamodal Duet and NYU Poly game lab’s Move it!. Come Out & Play stalwarts, The Resinauts tested a new version of their iPhone game HALI. And I roped players into a test of three different mechanics for a game called the Whispering Forest that I envision will be part of a quartet of games to be played together.

    Pentamodal Duet: A movement game

    A dance inspired game for groups of two or more.
    Testing: Basic mechanics
    Designer: Brandin Steffensen
    Contact: beaconhill at hotmail dot com

    Move it!

    An iPhone enabled game of movement and collaboration.
    Testing: mechanics and tech
    Designers: team from NYU Poly game lab


    The Whispering Forest

    A fairy tale inspired physical game in which players try to sneak through a forest of good and evil “trees”
    Testing: two sets of game mechanics
    Designer: Greg Trefry


    An iPhone powered game of hide and seek
    Testing: mechanics and tech
    Designers: Matt Parker, Corey Menscher, Xiaoyang Feng, Asli Sevinc



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