Cowgirl Cowhunt: Session 2

Cowgirl Cowhunt: Session 2

A strategic hide-and-seek Western set in 1919

  • Date:25 Jun 2011
  • Location: Titanic Memorial Park meet in the plaza near Whitehall/Water
  • Address: Fulton St and Water Street, New York
  • Time: 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Cowgirl Cowhunt is a 90-minute strategic hide-and-seek variant set in 1919 that casts players as historically important cowgirls, rustlers or cattle, each competing head-to-head to be Queen of the Range.

    Cowgirl Cowhunt equally rewards brains and stealth. Relationships shift between friend and foe, deals are made (and sometimes regretted) and the environment takes its toll on the herd. Western attire recommended but not required. Simple costume accessories provided.

    Players should meet in the Titanic Memorial Park near Fulton Street shopping area at South Street Seaport

    Cowgirl Cowhunt is brought to you by The Cowgirl Way Society, where everyone’s a cowgirl.


    Cowgirl Cowhunt is a strategic hide-and-seek variant set in 1919 that casts players as Cowgirls, Rustlers and Cattle competing to be Queen of the Range. To become Queen of the Range, collect more COINS than any other player.

    Cowgirls build and drive herds of Cattle to earn COINS at CAMP. Cowgirls cannot touch Cattle.

    Rustlers catch/steal Cattle and sell them to Cowgirls for COINS. Rustlers cannot be seen near CAMP or by each other.

    Cattle herd, balk and look for SCRAPS to earn COINS at CAMP. Cattle cannot talk or enter CAMP unaccompanied by a Cowgirl.

    Designer: Catherine Herdlick, Purveyor of Fun

    Catherine is lead cowgirl at the Cowgirl Way Society, a product manager at 6waves and co-founder/director of the Come Out & Play Festival for street games in New York City and San Francisco. Her games enrich peoples’ relationships with themselves, their communities and their cities. She currently lives and plays in San Francisco.
    Twitter: @neocowgirl


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