A Game of Light Collection

  • Date:16 Jul 2011
  • Location: Governors Island - Meet at the COaP HQ on the Parade Grounds
  • Address: Governors Island, New York, NY
  • Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • SunTrial is a fast-paced strategy game based around light collection. The game is played on a field with 5 checkpoints and uses custom solar-powered game pieces (Sun Disks). The Sun Disks allow teams to collect sunlight and easily track their scores. Two teams compete by exposing their side of the Sun Disk to collect light. Players must be careful, however! Too much sun exposure causes the dial on the disk to reset, costing the teams valuable points.

    Designer: Meghan Hoke

    Meghan Hoke teaches art and programming at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY, and is currently a graduate student at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Prior to moving to Brooklyn, she spent a year teaching in France. Her interests include web programming, game design and general sustainability.

    Designer: Becky Kazansky

    Becky Kazansky is a a grad student at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Along with working as a video editor prior to ITP, she’s helped Area/Code in the research and proposal stage of community-centric game projects. She’s currently an intern reporter/blogger at Personal Democracy Forum’s, writing about tech, politics, and civic space.


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