Target Act

Target Act

Dude, where's my goal?

  • Date:14 Jul 2012
  • Location: Governors Island
  • Address: Governors Island, New York, NY
  • Time: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • In Target Act, players are faced with an experiment into the uncertainty of not knowing their own goal. Two teams are formed, with one defending five separate scoring boxes on a side of the playing field. At the beginning of each turn, the defending team chooses new names for each of the scoring boxes, and then labels the box with its name.

    The attacking team must choose one member to act out the name of the “correct” box in which the team must score to gain points. After the name is acted out, the attacking team will have one full minute to forge its way through towards the scoring boxes, all the while following the famous 5 D’s of dodgeball to try and avoid the defending team’s counterattacks. Once the attacking team reaches the labelled boxes, they must make quick decisions about which one is correct – before time runs out!

    Designer: Andrew Lohmann

    Andrew Lohmann is a student game designer, with a lifelong interest in games as a storytelling medium and form of artistic expression. Andrew is finishing up a degree in Interactive Multimedia at The College of New Jersey, where he co-founded and led the campus game design organization, magic Circle, and also coordinated and managed the campus as a site for the 2012 Global Game Jam.


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