The Game of Posts

The Game of Posts

The bat-and-ball game for modern America.

  • Date:14 Jul 2012
  • Location: Governors Island
  • Address: Governors Island, New York, NY
  • Time: 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM
  • A bat-and-ball game for modern America. The game of Posts is a versatile bat-and-ball game that can be played anywhere, with any number of people. More engaging and faster paced than Baseball, Posts is steeped in strategy, risk, and drama. Protect your Post, Mark Runs, and Declare them before they’re stolen away!

    Designer: James Lomuscio

    James Lomuscio is an entrepreneur and game designer out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. James is a producer at Obscure Games, the Pittsburgh games collective, and co-founder of Ludo Mechanica, a startup “playification” company, where he’s developing a series of mobile apps to help people have fun breaking their bad habits.

    Lomuscio is deeply interested in the philosophy of sport and games, particularly how a game’s ethos informs cultural values, and how the culture forms the games it plays. Each sport James creates is an attempt to revitalize self-organized sandlot sport.


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