Can you work together to create the ultimate drink?!

In the world of Mad Mixologist, two scientists set out to create the perfect drink. However, during their final experiment, an accident occurred and their vision became swapped. Now each mixologist can only see from the eyes of the other, and they must quickly work together to complete their ultimate drink before it is too late! When all is said and done, players even get to taste their success (or failure) at the end. Check out Mad Mixologist

Designers – Eddie Melcer – ALT Games Lab, UC Santa Cruz

Eddie Melcer is an Indie game dev and Assistant Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz—where he is the director of the ALT Games Lab ( Over the past 5 years, he has created a number of weird and quirky alternative controller games for festivals such as SceneSampler, Veterinarian’s Hospital: Ruff Day, Boulderdash, and One Minute to Impact. He is deeply fascinated with explorations of incorporating the body into gameplay, and how underlying game mechanics and social/physical interactions can be converted into performative gameplay for spectators.