The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2009 in New York

Ravenchase Adventures: The Reds Are Coming!
Communists from the past have come to our time to sabotage the American way of life! Solve puzzles, crack the Reds' code, and keep the world safe for democracy!

Start Time: Sunday June 14 at 11 AM
Location: Times Square, Exact Location TBA
# of players: 50-100, in teams from 2-6
Duration: 3-4 hours
Designers: Michael Kelly, Alex Jiang from Ravenchase Adventures

A few days ago, an official at the highest levels of government was contacted by someone who had an amazing story. This man claimed that the United States of 2009 had been infiltrated by Communist agents from 1955. Their mission was to gather intel about the state of affairs of the world in the future, and return with that knowledge to change the past to create a future where the USSR was far more powerful. This informant revealed himself as Michael Davenport, an MI6 agent from the same time period. Upon confirming his identity, the President ordered an elite team of American agents to collaborate with the spy team that Davenport had brought through from his own time. Their goal? Gather intel on what the Communists have learned, sabotage it, and then send them back where they came from. You will take the frontlines in the final phase of this operation.

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The Rules
Game rules:

  1. You must complete and turn in a waiver form for every member of your team before the race begins.
  2. The map provided is the total game area. All clues will fall within the area depicted on the map, or within 100 yards of the map's edges.
  3. Teams are not permitted to split up to complete the clues.
  4. Please do not sabotage clue answers or other teams that you may come across.
  5. Please respect the businesses and locations that you visit over the course of the game.
  6. While there may be actors on the course, there will be no one dressed as a police officer, homeless person, funeral mourner, etc.

Bio: Michael Kelly and Alex Jiang
Mike has always loved games, having grown up with a video game controller in hand. A graduate of Colgate University (and yes, he's heard all the toothpaste jokes), and a writer, he has written for online gaming publications such as etoychest and Kombo. Utterly fascinated by game design theory and the emergence of games as a new art form, Mike aspires to create as well as to play as much as possible and in as many different venues as possible. Mike works as regional co-director of the New York chapter of Ravenchase Adventures, where he designs events for the public, fundraisers, and private events. He's having a blast in this city, and can't imagine any other life.

A few years ago, Alex Jiang was an ordinary student at Columbia University, until one day, he ventured into the dark maze of tunnels underneath the historic campus. To his great surprise, he discovered remnants of an alien time machine. After months of intensive research, Alex realized that hundreds of individuals had already used this time machine, ranging from Communists to influential Freemasons to the Illuminati. Since then, Alex has been cracking alien codes during the day, while using the darkness of the night to hunt down nefarious villains from the past. In his spare time, he recruits potential allies by designing puzzle chases for Ravenchase Adventures.

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