The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2010 in Brooklyn

The 2010 First Annual Paper Airplane Derby
Individuals or teams compete by folding then flying a paper airplane in heats with one ultimate winner (and awards galore!)

Start Time: Sunday June 6 at 12 PM
Location: Brooklyn Lyceum
# of players: 80
Duration: 2 hours

Think you've got what it takes to make a paper airplane to surpass all other airplanes? Have you always wanted to design an airplane so beautiful that it made someone faint? Do you secretly imagine yourself as a World War I flying ace ready for a dogfight? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The 2010 First Annual Paper Airplane Derby will draw from the pageantry of the Kentucky Derby with crazed announcers, wacky plane names and the frenzied desire to bring it all home with the winning paper airplane. The Derby is an all-encompassing game that brings together contestants of any size, age, gender or race to compete on a level playing field. Boys vs. girls, young vs. old, cats vs. dogs! Everyone has a chance to create the winning plane and bask in the glory of being the overall winner. If you are not in the mood to compete, cheer on your favorite paper airplane from the sidelines.

Planes will be evaluated for distance flown, innovative design, and pure spunkiness. Each competitor will be given thirty minutes to mingle and plot and another thirty minutes to build the paper airplane and test its flight. All planes will be engineered on premises with materials provided. Derby competitors will compete in heats until the field has been narrowed down to one triumphant winner.

Competition, glamour and fun are our goal. Staff photographers will take portraits and videographers will interview contestants to document the wonder that is The Paper Airplane Derby.

The Rules

  • REGISTRATION: Competitors for the Paper Airplane Derby arrive and register their name and the name of their plane. Each plane belonging to an individual or group will be given a number. This number must be worn by the "launcher" of the paper airplane. Anyone can participate. There are no age, height, gender or beauty restrictions.
  • MINGLING & PLOTTING: There is a half hour mingling period during registration where participants mingle and check out their competition while perusing the mock up boards with paper airplane folding techniques.
  • After the mingling and plotting period, competitors will be given up to half an hour to construct and test fly the paper airplanes.
  • PAPER AIRPLANE BUILD & CONSTRUCTION: Each paper airplane MUST BE constructed out of paper.
  • A competitor may bring in his or her own design but the paper airplane must be constructed on the premises in the time allotted.
  • ONLY ONE paper airplane per "launcher" may be registered and flown. A team may register more than one paper airplane but each plane must be launched by a different person.
  • All paper airplanes must be constructed with materials provided. No outside materials will be allowed.
  • At the pre-determined time, the Paper Airplane Derby will commence and competitors will be ushered to the elevated launching area.
  • Derby competitors will draw a heat number. The "launcher" whose plane flies the farthest from the start line will move on to the next round. The winning plane in each heat will be marked where it landed with a flag and the name of the plane.
  • The number of derby competitors in each heat will be determined by the number of people who register.
  • After each heat, the winning launcher will be given a five minute "pit-stop" to repair any damage to the plane.

The heat eliminations will continue until there is one triumphant winner of the 2010 Paper Airplane Derby!!

Designers: The Red Baron
The Red Baron is two artists committed to living healthy, creative lives, and to creating fun experiences for adults and children. They are:

Linda Perkins, a children's book author living in the Lower East Side. She has worked extensively in the film industry as an assistant director, and plans to bring this experience to bear on creating quality educational programming for kids. She spent some of her childhood in France, and in her spare time is a volunteer tutor at 826NYC.

Rachel Schutt, a research scientist at Google in the New York office. She recently received her PhD from Columbia University in statistics. She has taught high school math in San Jose, California, and probability and statistics at Columbia and Cooper Union. She also was the development editor of a series of math books for kids designed to make math fun and engaging. She spent a large portion of her childhood in England.