5 Boro Basketball

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This is NYC, baby! Everywhere you look, there’s a hoop and a rock. The rest is up to you. You know what to do.

Score points for your beloved borough, ’cause at the end of the night, only one borough is gonna come out on top.

5 Boro Basketball is a persistent game of basketball.

There are five baskets perched about, each with a different borough name. There are also a ton of foam basketballs to find.

Every half hour, the balls in each basket are counted. Each borough gets a point for every ball in their basket. The balls are then released back into the space. The borough with the most points at the end of the night wins.

Designer – Greg Trefry

Greg Trefry is a partner at the game design studio Gigantic Mechanic. They make games. All kinds of games.