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Report ‘em All

Have a yearning for vigilante justice? Just can’t take big corporations controlling everything? It’s time to take the power back…by ridding the streets of illegal outdoor advertising. With your smart phone in hand, you’ll compete against fellow festival goers to see who can claim the most ads and earn the title of Most Valuable Vigilante Sign Enforcer. Your evidence collection efforts will be sent to the NYC Department of Buildings, where shady advertising companies will be on the hook for their misdeeds.

Designers – Clay Ewing, Jason Eppink, Jordan Seiler

AdventureSquad_DevPhoto Clay Ewing is Assistant Professor of Interactive Media/Games at the University of Miami. His research focuses on serious games, implementing game mechanics into real world applications, and social justice. As a game designer, Professor Ewing’s games have tackled issues such as vector borne diseases, the cost of health care, social safety nets and labor practices. His game simulating the Tanzania Social Action Fund’s social safety net program received an innovation award from the World Bank.
Clay has worked with numerous non-profits including Red Cross Red Crescent, Open Society Foundations, ROC United, Oxfam, and the AIDS & Rights Alliance for Southern Africa. His projects have been covered by The Huffington Post, NPR, Forbes, and The Consumerist. He also enjoys queso.

Jason Eppink engages in public space magic, open source scheming, moving image mischief, photon reappropriation, and linguistic subterfuge.
His doings have been seen worldwide because they’re all on the Internet. Also they’ve been seen worldwide in galleries, but no one really goes to those.
Good Magazine proclaimed him one of the top 100 most important, exciting, and innovative people making our world better and changing the way we live.
When he’s not doing that, Eppink creates interactive experiences, curates events and exhibitions, and throws raging art parties as the Associate Curator of Digital Media at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City. When he’s not doing that, Eppink corrupts young minds as an adjunct professor at New York University, where he teaches students how to make animated GIFs and video games under the auspices of art.

Jordan Seiler (PublicAdCampaign) acts on the assumption that public space and the public’s interaction with that space is a vital component of our city’s health. By visually altering and physically interacting with the public environment, residents become psychologically invested in their community.
Outdoor advertising is the primary obstacle to open public communications. By monetizing public space, outdoor advertising has monopolized the surfaces that shape our shared environment. Private property laws protect the communications made by outdoor advertising while systematically preventing public usage of that space.
In an effort to illuminate these issues, PublicAdCampaign uses outdoor media venues for public art, chronicles the activities of artists intent on challenging public/private relationships, as well as other engaging contemporary issues in outdoor advertising and public space.

Through bold acts of civil disobedience we hope to air our grievances in the court of public opinion and witness our communities regain control of the spaces they occupy.