Aggressive Avians: A Live-Action Physical Dedication

A physical live-action version of the mobile game: Angry Birds.

The goal of Aggressive Avians is the knock all the Verde Piggies off the structure much like the mobile successor. Each team will use a slingshot manages by three players and use an Avian to knock off the pigs. Each team receives three chances in total. However if one team knock over a Verde Piggy, they receive an extra chance. The maximum amount a team receives is three chances for up to six chances in total.

– The team must knock all Verde Piggies in order to win
– All of the Verde Piggies must be knock off the area before hitting the King of Verde Piggies. Knocking off the king before hand will result in a lost of turn.

Designers – Keith Jordan

Keith Jordan is a local game designer from the Bronx, New York, who has a Master of Arts in Digital Game Design and Development and three collaborations of games under his belt including Flu Busters, an educational game that help children understand that they need need the flu shot, and Orbital Round Bits, a mobile game that remixes the casual Pool/Billiards game. His games have been featured in IndieCade East, NYC Playcrafting, and the NJ Arcade by The Sheep Meow. He has worked for past companies such as E-Line Media, The New York City Department of Education, and The Rye Arts Center. He has also volunteered his services of teaching and speaking about game development with Games For Change, IndieCade East, and the The Boy Scouts of America. He has even been featured for the Surviving in the Game Industry panel at the 2017 Game Developers of Color Expo. His other interests includes camping, swimming, football, origin of names, and video games (of course!). His favorite physical game is Ultimate Ninja, but his favorite digital game is Kingdom Hearts.