Bacon Vs. Zombies


The Final Act in the Epic Bacon Trilogy

It’s up to you and a team of bacon specialists to stop the zombie invasion with the only known cure for zombie-ism: BACON! Play with your parents, friends, enemies and pets in this tag-like baconstravaganza!

Designers – ESI Design

esi_logo ESI Design is one of the world’s foremost experience design firms. Founded in 1977 by interactive pioneer Edwin Schlossberg, ESI focuses on engaging diverse audiences — and especially children and families — in innovative ways that have set new benchmarks for the best in experiential design. Whether we’re creating for a museum, public space, educational institution, entertainment company, or retail environment, ESI is committed to designing experiences that inspire and enable play, exploration, discovery, and learning.

Pete Vigeant is a game, media, and experience designer who creates large group live-action and digital interactive experiences. As a Senior Designer for ESI Design, Pete Vigeant draws upon his passion and expertise in game and youth-focused design to lead and develop interaction, media, concept, and game design for numerous ESI projects, including Eddie’s Social Committee and the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate.