Battle for Dune

Negotiate, ally, spy and backstab your way to the top!

How will your team dominate the world of Dune? You could peacefully collaborate and ally with the other factions. Or you can lie and backstab your way to a win! Spies, secret negotiations, hidden information and tenuous alliances are the order of the day.

First, players will be assigned to one of up to six teams. During a 20 minute running time, those teams will secretly distribute their military (cards) into different battles (cups) around the festival. These battles will trigger at different times during the game. When a battle triggers, the team with the most total power in the cup wins the associated points. But which battles will trigger? And when? And how many points for each? Each team will know a piece of this puzzle so the best way to win is by talking with the other teams. Every 20 minute game will tell a completely different story. This game is based loosely on the novel “Dune” (1965) but any fan of Game of Thrones, history’s War of the Roses, the board game Diplomacy or the Korean game show Genius Game will appreciate the themes.

Designers – Bill Quinn & his Weekly Game Group

This is Bill’s second year designing games for Come Out and Play after last year’s Secret War: 1915. Growing up in an avid gaming family, he now runs a monthly board game group as part of the Park Slope Area Social Meetup group. He has a particular interest in games featuring lies, bluffing, negotiating, cheating, spying and backstabbing. He often wonders what this says about him.