Battlestation Simon


Battlestation Simon takes the classic memory game and adds a tactile twist.

The classic memory game Simon, but with an extra haptic twist!

This time, remember to squeeze the piggy, pull the lever, dial the rotary phone number, staple the stapler and sound the alarms, if you want to beat your high score!

Designers – HackManhattan + Tilkat Productions

Justin Levinson is the President of Hack Manhattan, a leading hacker and makerspace in New York. His work, Facetron6000 and Brain Bats has appeared at multiple festivals and gotten writeups in the New York Times, and his 3D printing expertise is renowned and can be experienced in classes at Hack Manhattan. Sine Morris and Richard Adem work together to create physical/digital installations that explore everything from food and gambling, to cutting out screens completely, to using instruments as game controllers. In Melbourne, Australia, they worked on the exhibition CTRL_Coda, where Sine produced the installation and the concert and Richard made a musical etch-a-sketch to draw beats with. In Copenhagen, Denmark, they worked on the four piece installation No Screens Allowed for Trailerpark Festival. In New York, they made a conveyor belt for the studio opening “Meal of Fortune” for Mouth Arcade.