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A chaotic game about traffic jams, car wrecks, and dinner parties.

The gameplay of Bottleneck is chaotic, with players rushing around, yelling out silly phrases, and linking arms. Play stops when 4 players create a set. Some of them might wreck if they don’t pay attention! Each player card has a role on it with 3 different sets they could create. On the reverse is a vehicle type that determines if they are in danger of having an accident this round.

Designers – Antidote Games

AdventureSquad_DevPhotoAdventureSquad_DevPhotoAdventureSquad_DevPhoto Antidote Games is a design consultancy that specializes in playful experiences for explaining complex realities. Our games have been played on 5 continents, and have partnered with organizations such as the Red Cross, World Bank, and Columbia’s Teacher’s College. Antidote was founded by Ben Norskov, Ida Benedetto, and Mohini Dutta.