Bring Home the Beacon

In the dark of night and the bustle of the crowd, the enemy faction could be anywhere.

You’ll have to be sneaky to find your opponents’ fireflies, and extra careful in order to bring the firefly home to your team’s flykeeper! In Bring Home the Beacon, multiple teams compete to collect the most fireflies, either from the central stash or from each other. Your team’s flykeeper can move around to protect your collected fireflies. Blend in with the crowd to avoid drawing unwanted attention to your team’s flykeeper, and be ready to tail an opponent closely if you notice them with a firefly that should belong to you!

Designers – Albert Kong & Lily Cheng

Albert Kong and Lily Cheng are game designers collaborating on new games in public space. They have been designing together since the San Francisco Come Out & Play Festival in 2013, and serve as a bridge between the San Francisco and Los Angeles real world games communities. Albert Kong has been involved in Come Out & Play since 2011, taking over the directorship of the festival in 2013. His games have been included in festivals, experiential events, and a live amateur talk show. Lily Cheng is a video game developer moving beyond digital games into the real world to make room- and city-sized experiences. After years of making digital games that interacted in novel ways, she realized the best interaction is open ended and with the real world. Lily is co-founding the Los Angeles group, Play Folk, to bring together makers and players of physical and outdoor games.