Buzkashi 2.0

A new version of the classic Central Asian horse sport.

Buzkashi 2.0 is a new version of the classic Central Asian horse sport Buzkashi — this time without a decapitated goat carcass as ball, and a few other rule changes.

Designers – Institute for Aesthletics

The Institute for Aesthletics promotes sport as an artistic practice. Sport is already a form of culture, yet it is often separated from the rest of the arts because of its emphasis on competition. Aesthletics is the combination of the most engaging aspects of the arts and sport: an open-minded, creative, experimental, and competitive physical culture. The Institute invents new sports, creates sport performances, and promotes and teaches sport as art.

The Institute grew out of the invention of the sport of Wiffle Hurling in 2005. Since then, it regularly organizes sporting events, participates in art events and festivals, collaborates with artists and art centers, and develops workshops and educational curricula. The Institute continues to expand the idea of sport as art, and looks forward to each new project as an opportunity to create, connect, and play.