Create resumes, pitch why you would be perfect for the job, and get hired!

Funemployed! is a party game where players tell stories and convince each other that they’d be the best for “real” jobs by using unreal qualifications.

The jobs in Funemployed! are (mostly) real world jobs that anyone could try to be — things like a Mime, Porn Star, or Celebrity Chef. The qualifications, however, are usually things you wouldn’t say in an interview — like how you have a pet Dragon to help convince people of your point of view, or how your Uncontrollable Libido makes you better at your job. Say anything to try to get the job — the only restriction for using your qualifications is your imagination!

Funemployed! was successfully Kickstarted in August 2013 and released at PAX East in April 2014 as a part of the Indie Megabooth. It is currently available on Amazon. For more information on Funemployed!, you can visit our website at

Designers – Anthony Conta, Carrie Neff, Matt Ferrando, and Miles Rodriguez

Anthony’s been playing games he whole life. In 2012, he decided he’d try to make one. He started a company, created a prototype, Kickstarted it, and published it a few months later. He’s designed, developed, managed, and help manufacture both physical and digital games. He also does consulting on games and gamification projects.