Hunt down all the ghosts, before they hunt down you!

Do you have what it takes to bag ghosts? Or maybe you just want to scare the living daylights out of your friends? Test your spectral skills in GHOSTHUNTER.

Players take turns playing the Ghosthunter, while everyone else assumes the roles of ghostly apparitions. As Ghosthunter, identify and bust all the ghosts with your not-so-trusty Ghost Goggles (special glasses that allow you to see behind you, but greatly reduce your forward vision) and hold on to all parts of your soul. As Ghosts, steal 3 parts of the Ghosthunter’s soul before you get caught!

Be careful though! The winner of Ghosthunter isn’t measured by how many ghosts you bag or how many Ghosthunters you take down, but by how many souls you have by the time everyone in a round has played as Ghosthunter!

Designer – Vincent Bariuan

AdventureSquad_DevPhoto Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida and currently living in New York, Vincent Bariuan is a new media critic and independent game designer. Recently earning his Masters in Film Studies, Vincent realized too late that the actual medium he wanted to plod countless hours doing boring, methodological research was video games. Looking to better understand the dynamic between people in multiplayer games, Vincent started designing his own games in order to explore the relationships players foster with each other – and sometimes against.