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Ball game with strategy meets fun

Starting at opposite ends of the field, two teams compete simultaneously to move their ball down the field to the opposite end zone. The teams clash in the middle of the field as they move closer to scoring a goal. Players that have possession of a ball must not move from where they were handed or caught the ball – players that do not have the ball may move freely to get in position to catch the ball to move the ball down the field. If the ball touches the ground, the ball MUST GOBack to the teams original end zone and the team starts again. When a goal is scored the game is stopped and “reset” – the team that scored the goal now has the opposite end zone to get to. And the other team starts at the opposite end zone of the team that scored the goal.

The teams will each have a ball and both will be trying to reach the opposite end zone to score a goal. The players may try to intercept/deflect the ball of the opposite team, so the teams can strategize on who will be offense or defense or they might want to concentrate all their players to move the ball down the field.

Designer – Joe McCagherty & Vitor Freire

Joe McCagherty / 2013 Graduate of NYU/ITP

Vitor Freire / 2014 Graduate of NYU/ITP