Two teams. One ball. Five syllables.

Two teams await Go;
Fakeouts abound, players down.
One team must triumph!

In this partner game, teams have 13 moves in which to score a basket or else the other team gets their shot! Based on the rules haiku (5/7/5 syllables per line of poetry), players get five or seven moves before they have to pass to their partner or shoot to score. Players are rewarded for their focus, agility, and trickery! Bonus points for reciting poetry while you play. Winner of the Philadelphia Game Mechanics 2018 Sports Jam.

Designers – Jessica Creane

Jessica is an experimental game designer and performance artist based in Philadelphia, PA. She has worked on Broadway, at National Parks, at sidewalk festivals, and in the digital abyss. Her nickname in grad school was ‘Tiny Chaos Agent,’ her D&D alignment is chaotic good, and she still presses all the buttons in the elevator sometimes because life is short and elevator rides long.