Matter Mayhem

For a solid good time, go with the flow and you’ll have a gas!

In the moments after the Big Bang, matter is everywhere — changing, expanding, colliding. In this fun, tag-style game that teaches kids about states of matter, players take turns as solid, liquid, or gas, and which state they are determines where and how they move. Add the powers of heating and cooling, and the states of matter are in constant flux, leading to Matter Mayhem!

Designer – Debra Everett-Lane

Debra Everett-Lane is a Senior Writer & Designer at ESI Design, one of the world’s foremost experience design firms. As a member of the ESI Game Lab and the founder of the ESI STEM Lab, she is always looking for ways to bring science and play together.

Since 1977, ESI’s designers, architects, artists, writers, and educators have focused on engaging diverse audiences — and especially children and families — in innovative ways that have set new benchmarks for the best in experiential design. Whether we’re creating for a museum, public space, educational institution, entertainment company, or retail environment, ESI is committed to designing experiences that inspire and enable play, exploration, discovery, and learning.