Ninja Moves


Be the last player standing. You are out if another player tags your foot with theirs, or you move your feet out of turn.

Welcome to the secret Shotoku ninja training school in the Iga Province of Feudal Japan. You’ve been selected to be this year’s recruits, but we only want the ninja trainees who have an ability to strike when necessary, read their opponents, and are fleet of foot. “Still Ninja, Jumping Ninja” is our way of testing all new recruits abilities before letting them into the school. Stand your ground when necessary, strike when the opportunity presents itself, show off your balance of body and mind, and you’ll earn your way into the Shotoku Ninja Training School!

Designers – Ben Norskov

Ben is the Systems Designer at Antidote Games and Adjunct Professor at Parsons the New School for Design. He has spoken at Games for Change, IndieCade, and several universities globally. Ben’s first career was as a bassoonist, which he left after discovering game and interactive design. He’d like to talk to you about the ontology of game design and/or Ultimate Frisbee.