In the sanctuary of a private room, a phone rings…

In the sanctuary of a private room, a phone rings. It’s for you. Make your selection, choose an adventure, dial one – two – three – four – and let the game begin.

OUTSIDE LINE is a one-player live action game where you choose your genre and we take you there. Drawing inspiration from film classics like Speed, The Maltese Falcon and Scream, Outside Line is a private adventure in a public space, a live action game where you play the hero. Players are plunged into fast-paced, genre-hyped roleplays, with a mobile telephone as their only lifeline.

Designers – NO SHOW

NO SHOW are Bridget Balodis and Mark Pritchard, two independent, Australian theatre directors investigating new ways of telling stories in live spaces. We create interactive and immersive theatre experiences, striving to engage generously with urgent contemporary questions and create meaningful encounters with audiences.

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