Pirates, Ghosts, Ninjas, Oh My!!

Team up with your parents, conquer your friends.

Calling all children! Dress up one of your parents as a ghost, pirate, or ninja, and command them to help you outwit and outrun your opponents. Run with your team to collect enough tubes to make a human chain, then race to the center of the field and be the first team to circle around the base to claim a big win. Play with speed and cunning to make sure that your opponents can’t make a chain first…because if they do, you might just have to attack!!

Designer – Andrew Lohmann

AdventureSquad_DevPhoto Andrew Lohmann is a recent graduate of The College of New Jersey, where he co-founded and led the campus game design organization, Magic Circle, and also coordinated and managed the campus as a site for the 2012 Global Game Jam. Having studied Interactive Multimedia, he now seeks to develop games and digital projects for people of all ages.