Pizza Rat

The pizza rat doesn’t wait for Seamless.

Carry that pizza, rat
Scurry, scurry, scurry
Careful on the rails, splat
Hurry, hurry, hurry

Trains are crossing,
Rat, be wary
So get to noshing
It’s your slice to carry

Designers – La Marimonda

Becky loves organized games and incorporates as many games in the curriculum she develops for elementary Spanish teachers as possible. Her favorite games have included: Cluck-off at the Chicken Fly, Eating Donuts off a String Faster than Others, Guess Who?, and Ride the Pony. She also enjoys watching the rats play on the subway tracks. Becky sides with the rats.

Ramsy sees life as a game, and loves to manage the production of it. His favorite games have included Snake, Rummikub, and any game that involves a giant bubble. Ramsy was once trapped in a stalled subway car with a rat who decided to ride with the MTA, and tried to help everyone out by opening the side door to get the rat to run out. It didn’t work. Ramsy goes for pizza.

Chandler’s teaching days were also full of games as she tried to outmaneuver students who just really wanted to cheat. She got those same students to create amazing Rube Goldberg machines. Her favorite games include anything competitive. She loves to keep score. Chandler is on Team Rat.

Luis has been a lower school teacher for the last four years. He is the soccer champion of the playground and has no problem scoring on 2nd graders. He only lets them win on Friday. He strongly dislikes Cards Against Humanity and actively tries to recruit friends to play Five Crowns, largely unsuccessfully. Luis always chooses pizza.