Power Pong


Ready? Set? Pong!

It’s the game you all know, with an all-new twist. Are you up to the challenge?

How to Play:
The goal is to clear all the buckets from the opponent’s side.

1. Teams consist of two (and only two) players.
2. Teams take turns trying to throw balls into the other team’s buckets. Each person on a team gets ONE throw per turn.
3. When a ball is sunk (thrown into a bucket) without falling out, that bucket is cleared.
4. The first team to clear all the other team’s buckets wins.

Designers – ESI Design

esi_logo ESI Design is one of the world’s foremost experience design firms. Founded in 1977 by interactive pioneer Edwin Schlossberg, ESI focuses on engaging diverse audiences — and especially children and families — in innovative ways that have set new benchmarks for the best in experiential design. Whether we’re creating for a museum, public space, educational institution, entertainment company, or retail environment, ESI is committed to designing experiences that inspire and enable play, exploration, discovery, and learning.

Debra Everett-Lane is a Senior Writer & Designer at ESI. As a storyteller, educator, and game designer, she is a strong believer that playfulness can (and should) be part of any project.

Pete Vigeant is a game, media, and experience designer who creates large group live-action and digital interactive experiences. As a Senior Designer for ESI Design, Pete Vigeant draws upon his passion and expertise in game and youth-focused design to lead and develop interaction, media, concept, and game design for numerous ESI projects, including Eddie’s Social Committee and the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate.