Bite your thumb at the everyday! Thus with a text we play…

“Hey… wanna R&J?”
Is what you’ll be asking the stranger of your choice (or ours) before playing this intimate, five day, text based, AR-RPG based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Just as R&J meet, marry, feign death, and resolve an age old family feud over the course of five freakishly eventful days, you and your game partner(s) have five days to meet, establish intimacy, cut ties, and say your goodbyes, all while following daily prompts that correspond to the absurdly fast timeline of R&J. Is it experiential? Yup. Do you need to know anything about Shakespeare? Nope. Is it romantic? Maybe. Is it fun? F*ck yeah. Thus with a text we play… #rjgame

Designers – Jessica Creane

Jessica is a performance artist and storyteller with a penchant for bringing intimate, analog games to the streets. She’s worked everywhere from Broadway and Fringe Festivals as a Director/Perfomer to mountaintops and deserts as a 2016 National Parks Service Centennial Artist-in-Residence. She holds an MFA in Devised, Ensemble Theater from The Pig Iron School. More can be found at http://www.jessicacreane.com/