Secret War 1915

It’s 1915 and you’re part of a deadly spy-vs-spy game playing out across the streets of New York City.

The game will see one small teams of German agents (5-7 people per team) trying to sabotage allied war efforts. They do this by completing a series of simple tasks that require them to move throughout the festival. They will have 20 minutes to complete tasks, scoring points for the amount of tasks they successfully complete. At the same time, the team of undercover NYPD officers (15-20 players) will try to figure out WHO the agents are and WHAT they are doing through observations aided by a series of clues distributed throughout the game. At the end of the 20 minute game, the NYPD team will have to answer questions about the German spies and their plot earning points from correct answers. The most points wins!

Designers – Bill Quinn

Bill grew up in a gaming family on Long Island, New York. Over the past few years his love of board games has grown along with the recent board game renaissance. He runs a monthly board game meetup for charity in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This is his first, but hopefully not last, official step into game design.