Sesame Street Box Heads

Remote control your parents!

In Sesame Street Box Heads, kids with tablets control grown-ups wearing boxes and headsets in a real-life video game. Unable to see where they are going, the grown-ups must listen for audio commands like “Turn,” “Go Forward,” and “Grab the Cookie!” The kids use the arrows on the tablets to steer their grown-ups, in a race between Elmo and Cookie Monster to catch the cookie!

Designers – Gigantic Mechanic and Sesame Workshop

Gigantic Mechanic was founded in 2009 by Mattia Romeo and Greg Trefry to explore the game design possibilities enabled by new technologies from mobile computing to GPS to movement-tracking. Over the years, they have designed and developed everything from video games to installations to live-action dodgeball battles.

The game is the result of a collaboration with Gigantic Mechanic’s friends at the Sesame Innovation Lab.