Seven Birds


A tactical lawn game for two where killing two Birds with one stone isn’t nearly enough!

Seven Birds is a beautiful, take-anywhere dowel-tossing game similar to Kubb and Molkky.

In Seven Birds, two players take turns attempting to knock down the seven colored Birds with the Stone and earn the right to stand them back up with their color (red or blue) on top.

But chose your shots carefully! As soon as every Bird has fallen for the first time, the game ends and the player with the most Birds standing in their color at the end is the winner!

Do you aim for your opponent’s Birds to steal their points? Or do you go for the unclaimed Birds and advance the game? Or do you shoot for both?

Designers – James Lomuscio

James Lomuscio is an award winning game designer and entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. By day, Mr. Lomuscio runs Hability, a health IT startup. By night, he dabbles in game design, alternative economics, and Catholic Social Teaching.

Mr. Lomuscio is a CO&P veteran, having run games in both NYC and Pittsburgh during three past festivals. He is on Twitter as @lomuscio.