Mirror Mirror

Let’s dance! Tonight we duel with murderous disco bots.

It’s primetime at the disco and a dark spirit has possessed the club! Can you stop the spread of disco panic by protecting the mirrored balls from being haunted? Players will work as a team to block and reflect light from two wily lighting bots to keep the disco balls safe from possession.

Designers – ESI Design

ESI Design is an experience design studio which transforms places into experiences. From our roots reinventing the Brooklyn Children’s Museum into one of the country’s first interactive museums, ESI Design has defined the field of experience design for over forty years. ESI Design has created and run games in public spaces, city wide festivals and industry conferences around the country—including the Come Out & Play Festival in New York and San Francisco, FIGMENT NYC, Steel City Games Fest, DC Games Festival, Indiecade in New York and Los Angeles, Games for Change, Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair, and SEGD Xlab conference.