Starry Night

Light the stars, complete the constellations & score points.

Light up the night by throwing out stars and trying to form constellations in this strategic mix of cornhole and bocce.

Each round, teams take turns tossing their beanbags onto stars.

The team with the most beanbags on a star at the end of a round lights it by marking it with one of their cubes. In case of a tie, neither team marks the star. More than one team can mark a star, so if a team beats you to a star, you can try to add your mark to it the next round.

When all of the stars in a constellation have been lit, the team with the most cubes in the constellation scores it. If there’s a tie for the most marks in a constellation, the team that lit the last star wins it. Constellations can only be scored once per game.

The team with the most points when all the stars have been lit wins.

Designers – Gigantic Mechanic

We’re a design studio that brings fun, engaging experiences to the world around us through real-world, physical & social play.