Suite for Overhead Projectors


Fluxus-inspired art scores performed on a pair of analog overhead projectors

Suite for Overhead Projects is a series of Fluxus-inspired art scores to be performed on a pair of analog overhead projectors. The game consists of a series of -movements- each of which involves a set of artifacts and some simple instructions, displayed using a second projector. The game is designed to be played at night games, nuit blanche or projection art events, and had its debut at the BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) party in Boston in March of 2015.

Designers – Celia Pearce & Jeanie Choi — Paidia Studios (Northeastern University)

Celia Pearce is an award-winning game designer, curator, professor and author of papers and books including Communities of Play (MIT Press 2009), and is also co-founder of IndieCade and Ludica. She currently holds a position as Associate Director of Game Design at Northeastern University. She previously directed the Emergent Game Group {egg} at Georgia Tech.

Jeanie Choi is a graduate of the Georgia Tech Computational Media Program and a current MFA masters student in Interdisciplinary Arts at Northeastern University. She has also worked on development of mobile games and apps at Primal Screens in Atlanta.