Super Bacon Grab, the Greatest Bacon Game Ever Played 2: The Return of the Bacon

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Modern society has crumbled. There is nothing left. Survivors band together to gather the only resource left – the only hope for humanity: BACON.

Each team is made up of six players. Can there be more than six? No. Why? Because BACON. There’s the scientist, the survivalist, the nerd, the athlete, the confused farmer and Abraham Lincoln. Do the roles matter? Maybe – but probably not. The only thing that matters is BACON! Come with a team or join one at the festival. This game is open to all ages of people that love BACON!

Designer – Pete Vigeant

AdventureSquad_DevPhoto As a Senior Designer for ESI, Pete Vigeant draws upon his passion and expertise in game and youth-focused design to lead and develop interaction, media, concept, and game design for numerous ESI projects. Pete has played an integral role on a wide range of projects, including the award-winning Owen & Mzee and Miza websites, Panwapa World website for Sesame Workshop, and the PNC Fairfax Connection.

Pete also leads the ESI Game Lab where he has created and launched a series of immersive live-action group experiences to promote collaboration through play, spectacle, and narrative gameplay. He has introduced ESI Game Lab experiences such as Field Frogger, The 100 Games Everyone Should Play, and Field TD in public spaces, citywide festivals, and conferences around the country.