Swinging Spiderweb


A life without a swing is a misunderstanding

One person can seat crosslegged on the ground in the center of the Spiderweb and hold two ropes in each hand for balance and safety.

Ten to twenty children or grown-ups hold the twenty ends of the Spiderweb ropes and lean back gently. The person sitting in the center will be lifted up in the air.

The rope-holders can now gently swing on their legs and the Spiderweb will become a gigantic supercool swing!

For more info: www.tommasolana.com/en/products/

Designers – Tommaso Lana

Tommaso Lana, born in Milan, Italy, 1978

I’m an early education consultant, teaching artist and “embodied learning” advocate based in Berlin, Germany.

I work with educators on nurturing self-guided learning experiences through sensory & psychomotor consciousness.