The Getaway


A night city fox hunting by bike

The Getaway is a “hide-and-seek / hunting” game played on bicycle.

The Fox is hidden in the field, you and your companions are the Hunting pack and you have to find, bite and capture the fox, her tail is your trophy.

Sniff up the track and start your chase.

Please Note: the Getaway is played with Citi-Bike, no others bikes allowed, come to the venue with your own citi-bike or we will rent it together before starting.

Designers – Urban Games Factory

Urban Games Factory is a non for profit company that use urban and pervasive games to create social innovation.

We are based in Italy (Milan) and our first project, CriticalCity Upload (since 2009), a pervasive transformation game, won different award, and actually has thousand of players all around the globe.

We constantly try to participate in Festival and competition to improve our skills and knowledge and to enlarge our community.