Vocal Graffiti Troupe


Paint the walls of DUMBO with your voice

As part of the Vocal Graffiti Troupe, you shall paint the walls of DUMBO with your voice. Two players will represent the troupe as they seek to collaborate and paint their distinct tags on the walls.

But be wary, cleaners with special mops seek to erase your work.

Can you beat them and leave your mark and identity on the city?

Grab the microphone and paint!

Designers – Ansh Patel

Ansh Patel is an interdisciplinary artist whose works range from experimental games, digital media installations, performances, visual art, network + data applications and surveillance interventions.

His work marries practice with the conceptual, exploring the processes involved in formulating both. His body of work in games comprises of short-form experiments that serve as critical deconstructions of a conventional aspect of the games industry, medium and culture. His digital media projects focuses on embodiment, performance, surveillance serving a critical response to sociopolitical issues and techno-utopian ideals by evoking the absurd. He is also a critic whose work has appeared in different literary and academic publications like Arcade Review, The New Inquiry, Model View Culture, Unwinnable and Paste Magazine.