Are you a DanceFace? You bet you are! Even if you can’t dance, #WeAreDanceFace is all you need to make you part of an elite squad of face dancers!

Most VR experiences make you look like a fool to observers in the real world, but #WeAreDanceFace is different. Inverting the standard VR conventions of worrying about what you see and not how others see you, #WeAreDanceFace uses a simple/boring UI inside a modified Google Cardboard to coordinate five random players movements into an awesome synchronized dance troupe with no advanced training.

So, stick your head into the box, follow the arrows, and wow the crowd with your awesome team dance performance (even though you can’t see how cool you look)!!!

Designers – Matt Parker & Albert Hwang

Matt Parker is an Assistant Professor of the Arts at the NYU Game Center, as well as a practicing new media artist and game designer. As an artist, his interest lies in exploring the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. He’s the founding Chair of IndieCade East. His work has been shown at the American Museum on Natural History, SIGGRAPH Asia, the NY Hall of Science, Museum of the Moving Image, FILE Games Rio, SonyWonder Technology Labs, and many other venues. He’s designed several award winning projects including games Lucid and Recurse, and the light sculpture Lumarca.

Albert Hwang is an artist, designer, and developer, and his medium of choice is physical 3d space. His work is computational, somatic, functional, and performative. It is designed to resonate kinesthetically by accessing my audience’s mental models of their physical surroundings, and by empowering them with a sense of physical agency. I make large-scale centerpiece installations, live performances, and YouTube videos. Albert has exhibited work in galleries and theaters in New York, Yokohama, Guadalajara, Manchester, and a handful of other cities around the world.