Zombie Ward

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Survive the zombie apocalypse one move at a time.

Experience the breakout of the zombie apocalypse first-hand in this turn-based action game. The game mashes up the popular folk games Ninja and Zombie Tag into a racuous, fast paced survial game. When the siren sounds and the first zombie is identified, everyone else is in a fight for survival. Humans and zombies alternate turns. Humans flee and zombies pounce. The only way for the humans to survive is find the right key hidden somewhere playing area that will unlock the gates and let you out. Zombies win by feasting on all of humans. It’s every living, dead and undead creature for themselves.

Designer – Greg Trefry & Gigantic Mechanic

zombieward_designer Greg Trefry is a partner at the game design studio Gigantic Mechanic. They make games. All kinds of games.