The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2006 in New York City

The first Come Out & Play festival ran for three days in locations around New York City. In our first year Eyebeam graciously played host to the festival, serving as the headquarters for parties, talks and games.

The festival drew between 800-1,000 players from around the world. We were run by an amazing team of volunteers: A Omar Almodovar, Aaron Colussi, Adam Simon, Alex Fleetwood, Alissa Pajer, Ana Otero, Andrea Warren, Andy Lauer, Anne Schaeffer, Bonnie Ruberg, Boris Scherbakov, Brea Taylor-Munro, Caitlin Magnusson, Dan Gant, Dannie Sanchez, David Ross, Diane Chen, Gabe Smedresman, Gracey Young, Gregory Bowden Jr., Ivan Askwith, Jan Trumbauer, Jenny Hatfield, Jenny Oyallon-Koloski, Jeremy Sairsingh, Jessica Chen, Joe Gammello, Judd Schectman, Julia Felix, Julian Laurent, Karen Tan, Karina Hill, Kristen Miller, Larissa Pickens, Leonardo Parra, Lia Bulaong, Lisha McCormick, M. Oliver Moltaji, Michele Tazbaz, Mindy Bond, Paul Best, Paul Caine, Paula Winograd, Philip Buuck, Priyanka Batra, Rachel Teagle, Radhika Tandon, Renate Lunn, Sarah Nienaber, Scott Jon Siegel, Shayna Nickel, Stacy Lawrence, Susan Carlson, Sydney Maresca, Terin Meyer, Tobias Wright, and Tom Schmidt.

Designers ran 25 excellent games.
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Friday, September 22, 2006

6:00 PM - Insider
A real running of the bulls! Trade stocks in this game of vicious backstabbing and inside information around Wall Street.

8:00 PM - Festival Opening Night
Featuring the introduction of the schedule and kick-off of several all-festival games. The hall comes alive with musical game performances of Guitario Kart and Modal Kombat

8:00 PM - Space Invaders
Play a giant game of Space Invaders on the side of a building, with your body as the controller!

8:00 PM - Identity - Featured Game
Identity is a large-scale social game of secret organizations, covert intelligence, suspicion, trust, cooperation and betrayal. Over the course of three days, five teams will compete for world domination. The goal of the game is to discover which players belong to which team, without allowing your own allegiance to become known. - 3 day game that begins at the opening.

8:00 PM - Plundr - Featured Game
Plundr is a location-based game of piracy and black market trading. Start out as a bilge-spewing land-lubber in a leaky tub, explore the real world in search of riches and infamy, upgrade your vessel into a mighty warship and amass a fortune in ill-gotten goods. Arrrrr! - 3 day game that begins at the opening

8:00 PM - Spy School
Rat on your classmates and you’ll pass. But first you have to figure out who they are. Spy School runs the duration of the festival. - 3 day game that begins at the opening.

8:00 PM - snagu
snagu is a camera-phone based scavenger hunt with no limits on time, space, or answers. snagu runs the duration of the festival. - 3 day game that begins at the opening.

8:00 PM - You are not here
You Are Not Here is an urban tourism mash-up. This persistent game takes place in the streets of New York and invites participants to become meta-tourists on an excursion through the city of Baghdad. The game can be played at any time by participants. - Game can be played anytime by picking up map from HQ.

9:00 PM - Journey to the End of the Night
A pursuit across Manhattan in four parts.

9:00 PM - Ghost Engines in the Sky
Ghost Engines is a live-action roleplaying game of existential horror, loosely set in a western horror world.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

12:00 PM - Manhattan Story Mashup - Featured Game
Players move around Manhattan, taking photos which match a given target. Targets are words from stories, written by visitors on the Manhattan Story Mashup website while the game goes on. The resulting illustrated stories are shown on large public signs in Times Square in real-time and on Manhattan Story Mashup.

11:00 AM - Hot Books
Hot Books augments the New York Public Library into a social play space where players gain points by attaching books to each other.

12:00 PM - Crossroads
Crossroads is a two-player strategy street game using GPS-enabled phones. Players compete to capture intersections while avoiding the Baron Samedi – an invisible, computer controlled character who stalks the streets spreading chaos.

12:30 PM - Cruel 2 B Kind - Featured Game
Benevolent assassins stalk New York performing acts of kindness for strangers in an attempt to catch their prey.

2:30 PM - Sonic Body Pong
Play the classic video game Pong - minus the screen! You’ll be on the court, using your sense of hearing to track the ball and your body as the paddle to hit it!

3:00 PM - Tag Shufflesition
Tag Shufflesition is a mobile game of movement, mimicry and mime, that uses iPods to see how fast can you find out who's "it"!

3:00 PM - Manhattan MEGAputt
Manhattan MEGAPutt is a gigantic game of mini golf, played in Manhattan’s beautiful East Village. Teams of three battle each other, designed game hazzards, and naturally occurring hazards such as cabbies, skate punks, and pedestrians as they navigate a par 1000 course.

3:00 PM - Quoto!
Teams compete to create rebus-style street photography collages.

4:00 PM - Spy Text
The Diplomat and his team have a Spy in their midst, and the race is on to uncover who it is before the Spy bumps off the Diplomat and steals the always-important briefcase.

7:00 PM - Panel Discussion at Eyebeam.
What are street/big/pervasive games anyway? Hear from designers, players and academics.

8:00 PM - Lightning Buzz
Caution! The game may result in severe running, accidental trapping, and super lightning. Lightning Buzz gives players an evening full of actions in urban park. Flashlight is the only official game equipment, and you are ready to tag someone, light up the park, and hide in the darkness.

9:00 PM - Sleuth!
A Master Criminal is loose in New York City. You must track him down and capture him.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

10:00 AM - Operation: Mission: Over Under Sideways Down
A thrilling 4-hour espionage game in which you solve clues, retrieve & hide information from other agents, and compete to solve the mystery to win the prize. You’ll piece together maps, match wits, and lurk in shadows - like you’ve never done before.

12:00 PM - Payphone Warriors
Control city turf by capturing the city’s payphones. A fast-paced game of territory control.

12:00 PM - Pervasive Minesweeper
Pervasive Minesweeper takes the classic videogame Minesweeper to the streets! Teams of four individuals race against each other to complete traditional Minesweeper puzzles played out across a 4-square block urban area.

1:00 PM - The Go Game
A cell phone driven, urban adventure game.

2:00 PM - Conquer the Quarter
Corner by corner, conquer the quarter and achieve victory! And don’t let the other teams steal anything back in this game of bluetooth capture-the-flag.

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The Come Out & Play Festival seeks to provide a forum for new types of public games and play. We want to bring together a public eager to rediscover the world around them through play with designers interested in producing innovative new games and experiences.

Oh yeah, and we want to have city-size fun.

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