Door to Door: Subway Games


Door to Door: Subway Games

Game Session
Saturday, December 13
Grand Central Terminal, information booth
89 East 42nd Street
New York, NY

Can we use games to help us experience our commute with fresh eyes?

Come experience three different visions for how play can transform the subway system and your structured, repetitious daily commute into something exciting. We invited three game design teams down into the subway system and asked them to create a game that transforms the experience of moving through the city. Join us as we play each game and hear from the designers about the process and challenge of creating play out of a commute.

Presented with the Van Alen Institute

Participants: Josh Debonis and Nik Mikros from BumbleBear Games, game designer Mark Heggen, and Mattia Romeo and Greg Trefry of Gigantic Mechanic.

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Read Gigantic Mechanic’s wrap up from the event: Switching Tracks: Improvising Play on the New York Subway

If you’d like to play the games yourself, you can check out the rules below.




Download a PDF of the Door to Door game cards.


Photo by Cameron Blaylock


Photo by Cameron Blaylock