Family Day 2013

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Governors Island, July 13 from 11 AM to 4 PM

We’re now accepting submissions. Submit by May 1.

Play across the generations . . . and across time!

This year Come Out & Play includes Family Day, a mini-festival of games for the whole family, organized by ESI Design, one of the world’s foremost experience design firms. All of the games will connect together in a single fun storyline about Time Travel — complete with an official Time Travel Agency, games throughout time, chronological paradoxes, and imminent threats to the space-time continuum! You’ll be able to play just one or two games as you like, or all of them for an epic Time Travel adventure.

Just imagine what it would be like to travel back to the Dark Ages or ahead to the distant future, when robots rule the world. Anything is possible at the Time Travel Agency, even playing a game with your own great, great, great, great grandparent!

Games are suitable for everyone, especially ages 6 to 11. Guardians must co-sign waivers for any player under 18 years of age.

All games will run multiple times, so you’ll be able to play no matter whether you come early or late — or travel from the past or the future.

The Family Day is being produced by:

The Games