Bad Apples


Gather enough apples for a good harvest, but don’t let any bad apples spoil your bunch!

In “Bad Apples,” you get to play as either a hunter or a gatherer of apples scattered around the field. Hunters must try to eliminate all gatherers on the opposing team, while the gatherers work hard to ensure that their team gets the most apples at the end of the round. But beware – one bad apple can spoil the bunch!

Designers – Andrew Lohmann

Andrew Lohmann is a game designer and developer living in New York. With previous titles including a Facebook game called Gig-It, a AAA game called Just Cause 3, and dozens of educational games for Scholastic, he is now looking for a new job while working on self-publishing a Google Cardboard virtual reality game. Andrew has been active in the Come Out and Play Festival for 6 years, and is looking forward to the 2016 event!