Circle Rules Football


Circular field with one goal!

Circle Rules Football is the CO&P 2009 Winner of Best in Festival and has been played in NYC regularly ever since.  It is a team game played on a circular field with one central goal and a large fitness ball.  Combining skills of soccer, basketball, volleyball, and more, it has grown international appeal and fits athletes of all types.  We are recruiting for regional and national travelling teams, so bring your gameface and we’ll see you on the field.

For more information: Circle Rules Federation

Designers – Greg Manley

Greg Manley is the founder and commissioner of the Circle Rules Federation, which oversees the international development of circle rules football. He is also the artistic director of City of Play, an alternative recreation organization based in Pittsburgh, PA. He holds a BFA from New York University’s Experimental Theater Wing and continues to perform as an actor, dancer, and puppeteer. Greg has been interview regarding Circle Rules Football by: The New York Times, WIRED, Wall Street Journal, London Evening Standard, Good Morning America, Innovation Stuntment, and more. He also thinks you should move to Pittsburgh.