Climber Beta


Follow your route

“Beta” is rock climbing jargon that indicates information about a route, such as difficulty, style, and suggested techniques.

In Climber Beta the game, there will be “holds” indicated on the floor in bright colors down the hallway. Choose from a selection of betas that indicate color sequenced routes plus additional challenges, and try to top out at the other side of the corridor.

This game can be physically taxing; players are advised to warm up and stretch before playing.

Designers – Albert Kong

Albert Kong is a game designer and artist in Brooklyn, NY. His work is focused on the audience as a player, and the world as an unbounded space of play: site specific installations that ask players to view the physical and social space around through the lens of a new set of rules. Albert is the former director of the Come Out & Play Festival in San Francisco; co-creator of Sandbox, a monthly open mic for games and experiences; and currently operating a Real Escape Game in New York.