D!SC: Duel! Strike Cards

High-energy card-based mobile combat!

Simultaneously a card game, a sparring dance, and a framework for generative theater, D!SC is a fast-paced duel of tactics and poise.

Designers – JRPG Combat Systems

JRPG Combat Systems is an international games collective based in New York City. Since March of 2019, the group has released to the internet a free omnibus collection of thematically linked videogames and art pieces to coincide with every full moon. Each package comes bundled with all the assets and resources used in the creation of each constituent piece of the package, with the goal of fostering a sense of community among players and developers alike through the promotion of a culture of “remixing” and a DIY ethos. JRPG Combat Systems was founded by Junior Jones and invites all the ragtag of the world to join in its noble mission.