A game for six thieving waiters; two of whom are even more so thieving than the others.

Two teams of wait staff are trying to steal from each other’s fridges without getting caught. There’s a hidden thief on each team, and they’re also trying to steal for themselves! Your team’s objective is to end up with more items in your own fridge than the other team.

Will either the Fox or the Hound end up with an empty fridge? Will all be washing dishes? Will the hidden thieves make off with the best items? Will anyone have an edge at all when the 5 minutes are up? Thieve as much as you can — but do mind your manners!

Designers – Yuxin Huang, Brian Chung, Chris Kindred and Mary Georgescu

Chris Kindred is a Game Design MFA at New York University, Game Center. He is an illustrator, cartoonist, writer, and game designer working in New York, NY.

Yuxin Huang is a Game Design MFA at New York University, Game Center. She graduated with a BA in Digital Art from the University of Oregon, School of Design in 2018. Her works specialize in concept art, graphic design, interactive design, and game art. She focuses her studies on creative methodologies of design to visualize data and concepts, particularly in playable media.

Brian S. Chung is a game designer, event producer, and educator. He has over a decade of design experience, and some of his games have been played by millions of players worldwide. Community is at the core of all of his work. He has hosted events for hundreds of developers and thousands of players. He is a director at The Sheep’s Meow, an independent game development studio and a local community organization based in the New Jersey / New York City area.

Mary Georgescu is a game designer, author, and artist. She founded Haiduc LLC, a narrative game company that is medium agnostic, and runs a podcast called Children of the Storm. She is informed and inspired by the cross pollination of the arts and sciences in the sphere of indie comics, indie video games, as well as, the DIY and maker movements.