EXO: Arena

A live-action battle where your iPhone is your weapon and you could be the target.

Meet your friends, head outside, and enter “EXO: Arena”. Run to move, turn to aim, tap to shoot. Spin or sprint to evade incoming fire and stay alive. The last player “standing” wins.

To play, EXO: Arena requires an iPhone running iOS 7 or higher and a good data connection. Play in a big open space, with a clear view of the sky. Think of parks, soccer fields, or college campuses. Wear comfortable shoes.

Two to four players per match. Endless rematches.

Designers – Yury Gitman and Jonah Burke

Yury Gitman is an developer, designer and co-founder of EXO Games. He is co-creator of EXO: Arena, “a new breed of lazertag with iPhones”. Yury also works as adjunct faculty at the Parsons School of Design. His courses include iOS Development and Wireless Toy Design. Before EXO, Yury co-created PulseSensor.com, the go-to heartrate monitor for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Yury’s work has been featured in New York Times, CNN, BBC, Newsweek, The Discovery Channel, New York 1 TV, Elle, and Bust Magazine, among other outlets.

Jonah Burke is an independent programmer and co-founder of EXO Games. He wrote the company’s first game, EXO: Arena, a hybrid between a sport and a video game played outdoors with iPhone in hand. Before EXO, Jonah worked at Microsoft, wrote the software behind several startups, and created The Darfur Wall, a global, online movement for Sudan.